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About This Course

The AA Certified Advanced RPA Professional Course prepares you to become a professional RPA developer and implement automation solutions. It is AA certified, hence upon completion and passing the assessment you will be awarded an ‘Automation Anywhere Advanced RPA Professional Certificate’ by AA.

The course covers key topics in relation to development on Automation Anywhere platform. Upon completion, you will have a very good understanding of AA Enterprise platform, Architecture, and its components; and independently develop Bots for your processes.

Better Learning

Our training module is designed to give you practical experience! We help you build a bot & make the most of the training lesson.

Fun Environment

The course module is designed in such a way that you enjoy the learning experience with AiTrickz.

Better Course Content

The course module or content are designed by Industry experts, making sure you get the best & valuable content.

Who Can Opt for This Course?

This course is for professionals who would like to develop and build upon their understanding of RPA and Automation Anywhere technology. It is intended to be the first step towards an Automation Anywhere Professional Certification and it helps one learn to design and develop Bots in Automation Anywhere.

What I like about the training is real time practice of the tool

I liked the introduction to Robotic Process Automation, and the Architecture , and features of the Automation Anywhere tool

I liked the hands on training with test case scenarios.

The training was very interactive and we were able to relate to our daily activities.

I like the way the trainer involves everyone for brainstorming a particular process bot creation.

Who Can Join Us?

Technical Professionals

Technical professionals pursuing Bot development


Architects looking forward to automate their process

Business Analysts

Business analysts looking to explore their career in RPA

Project Managers

Project managers willing to enhance their skills & expertise

Course name Mode Of Training Dates Timings Price (USD)
Advanced RPA Training Online Training (Weekend) 24th September 2018 10:30 am to 1:30 pm IST 1100