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Please select the rating for the each of the section based on follwing criteria:

5=Strongly Agree 4=Agree 3=Neutral 2=Disagree 1=Strongly Disagree

Please indicate your level of agreement with the statements listed below:

1. The objectives of the training were clearly defined?
2. Participation and interaction were encouraged?
3. The topics covered were relevant to me?
4. The content was organized and easy to follow?
5. The materials distributed were helpful?
6. This training experience will be helpful in my work?
7. The trainer was knowledgeable about the training topics?
8. The trainer was well prepared?
9. The training objectives were met?
10. The time allotted for the training was sufficient?
11. The training room facilities were adequate and comfortable?
12. What did you like most about the training?
13. What aspects of the training can be improved?
14. How do you hope to change your practice as a result of this training?