Contract Staffing

We provide industry expert Recruiters who process on different accounts for end to end screening of  resume.

Availability  of massive In-house database are at disposal of recruiters.

The flawless ability to on headhunting and referral based sourcing.

  • Effective search and hunting on Niche skills.
  • Expert & efficient Team for sourcing on emerging technologies such as RPA, Marketing, financing, PMP, IoT & more.
  • Effective Turnaround time, pocket friendly & higher quality are some fey features of resources hired.


How Does a Client Benefit?

  • Addresses headcount limitations.
  • Effective Time and Cost of Selection.
  • Easy & better mobilization & demobilization without spending funds on contractual procedures.
  • Saving cost by by paying only for the days we have worked for you.
  • Strong existing database of candidates.
  • Temp to Perm Convertibility.

Hire, Train, Deploy Model

Already a pioneer in train, hire and deploy model in RPA, we at AiTrickz are readily available with candidates for deployment such as RPA.

The Hire Train Deploy model is a classic “Backward-Forward” integration model designed to scout and train talent. The motive behind developing this Hire, Train & Deploy model is to serve our clients and deliver our ongoing commitment of providing skilled talents to our clients in order to help them achieve their organizational goals.

Our Hire, Train & Deploy model is designed in a manner that it provides these solutions in a timely and money-saving fashion. This model has been specially made for the clients who have specific needs for their new staff to be trained for particular jobs before they come on board.

We expertise and knowledge can help your company in identifying, training and deploying the right talent; thus, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of the business.

If customers and contractors want the new staff on-board to be productive from the day of hire, then they would want the candidates to be equipped with the technology skills/domain knowledge before they absorb them into their regular workforce. But most of the customers and clients don’t have the time or the bandwidth to train them on highly complex products and technology to take care of this need. The projects and demanding time lines restrict them from assigning full time mentors to the newly joined staff to equip them to be productive sooner.