How Assisted ImplementationTM helps you

AiTrickz ensures robust RPA incorporation within organization's strategy and operating model, IT, workforce and risk management alignment. We assist our customers to assess the automation needs and tailor best suited Robotic technology for them.

Our 4 Step Process Assisted ImplementationTM Approach

4 Simple steps to implement RPA in your organization

Training a Team

We help your in house team with RPA training required for implementation

Sample Automation

We help your team to carry out sample automation under guidance in lab environment.

Real Time Analysis

Your team implements simple automation in live environment gaining confidence on real life situations

Assignment & Consulting

We engage in consulting assignment with your organization and help drive automation as a program

Implementation Methodology

AITrickz provides an implementation life cycle that revolves around opportunity assessment, Business case, Change Management, Operating Model & Automation Roadmap

Implementation Strategy


Oppurtunity Assestment

  • Business Analysis to identify potential process for automation
  • Finalize a process for a PoC phase
  • Stakeholder engagement for conducting PoC


Business Case

  • Results from PoC in terms of underlying benefits
  • Pain points being alleviated
  • Costs Vs Benefits
  • ROI and Selection Criteria
  • Strategy to re-deploy existing resources after automation


Change Management/Operating Model

  • Drive change management with key stakeholders
  • Identify operating model for the organization
  • Is the right team available for supporting the solutions?
  • Trainings & Certifications


Automation Road Map

  • Lessons learnt & best practices from the PoC
  • Define the strategy for scale
  • Process shortlisting
  • Ensuring the stakeholders understand the What, Why and How of the automation

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