Advanced RPA Professional Course

About Advanced RPA Professional Course

The Automation Anywhere Certified Advanced RPA Professional Course prepares you to become a professional RPA developer and equips you to implement automation solutions. This course is AA certified, hence upon completion and passing the assessment you will be awarded an ‘Automation Anywhere Advanced RPA Professional Certificate’ by Automation Anywhere. The course covers key topics concerning development on Automation Anywhere platform providing good understanding of Automation Anywhere Enterprise, Architecture and its components. You would be ready to develop Bots for your processes!
From this course, you would be able to get RPA Online Training and RPA certification which would help you to enhance your skills and a step ahead in your career.

Who gets benefits from this course? 

This course is for professionals who would like to develop and turn on their understanding of RPA and Automation with the additional advantage of RPA Online Training and RPA certification.

It is meant to be the primary step towards RPA training and certification and it helps one learn to develop Bots in Automation anyplace.

Students- RPA is one of the top automation skill sets which is sought by employers. Get online training and certification in RPA and stand out to employers.

Professionals- Add a skill in your CV and redefine your career for the betterment of tomorrow. Get the knowledge and take RPA training and certification.

Developers- Create and develop bots on your own. Innovate to change the world from manual processes.

Enterprise- Empower business users to become developers and build bots on their own, and notice ROI in an exceedingly matter of days.

Partners- Get certified to fulfill growing client demand. Deliver Digital employees to drive business productivity, potency and innovation.

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Can’t Decide on Your Preferred Slot?

Training Modules  Created Specific to  6 Roles Accordingly!

This is a must module whoever is getting into  RPA for the first time. In this, we are preparing the participant to understand the current RPA landscape and how it can reform the existing issues. Clear myths which exist in the environment regarding the RPA. In this, we are formally introducing the participant to the tool at a high level.

Also, this module is beneficial for those who have a clear idea of the previous version and have been building bots on 10.7 Ver and would like to know the features added in next version 11.

This is where the entire enterprise application is managed. The Powerhouse of the tool.  Must for the Project manager who would be responsible for resource management. This would be the starting point for the management to initiate the enterprise RPA tool into an ecosystem. This is one of the three parts of the AA Architecture.

This empowers administrators how to deploy  RPA solution, schedule bots and manage access control, resource allocation and operational performance.

This Module prepares the developer to build bots and automate processes using the AA  built-in commands. In this, the participant learns only to build bots only.

In this module, you shall be introduced to the following learnings:

  • Command LIbrary
  • Metabots
  • DLL
  • Workflow


This Module prepares the developer to automations using monitoring and deploy

Automation Anywhere Enterprise on bot runner machines.


This module is extremely important for the process owners as this would explain how the bots built could be executed in the real-time scenario and also gauge the performance. The future SLAs are driven from here.


In this module, you shall be learning about:

  • Bot runner setup
  • ROI Calculation
  • Trigger Management
  • Bot Execution
  • Challenges

This Module is subsequent to AA Advanced  RPA Professional Certification. Although it is not fixed. Should anyone be interested in appearing for this certification directly we provide training support for the same.

But as criteria to appear for this certification should either have built at least 15-20 bots in real time environment of spent 6 months building the bots.

But in our training, we train the participants to build bots and then simulate the use cases to bring them up to speed the same.

Who Can Join Us?


Technical Professionals

Technical professionals pursuing Bot development

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Architects looking forward to automate their process


Business Analysts

Business analysts looking to explore their career in RPA


Project Manager

Project managers willing to enhance their skills & expertise